Horizon Software


The Horizon Software is sold depending on the number of channels you want to control and the level of functionality you want. To see the pricing, click here.  For a full feature set breakdown click here.

You can view some sample screenshots of Horizon here.


The entry-level functionality of software allows you to control dimmers via three different cue lists simultaneously or with 3 pages of 128 submasters.  You are also given 24 function buttons that can be programmed using Horizonís very powerful macro language including the ability to play the CD player on your PC.

Basic Software can be purchased for under $1,000, including hardware for controlling up to 125 DMX channels.


This level of functionality gives you unlimited cue lists, submasters and function buttons as well as HTML connectivity, digital I/Os (additional Hardware required), MIDI and SMPTE (additional Hardware required), time clock events, channel labels and dimmer effects. 


The upper tier of software gives you moving light functionality, linked cue lists, macros that can make decision based on the state of the system and control over the Windows Media Player.  It also gives you the ability to customize the software in a much more advanced way using tools such as Visual Basic.