Horizon Overview


What is Horizon?

Horizon is as PC based lighting control system.  It is made up of the software you run on your Windows based PC and a hardware device that generates industry standard DMX. See what product is best for you.

You can view some sample screenshots of Horizon here.

Who Uses Horizon?

Horizon is at home in the theatre, touring markets, television studios, churches and architectural installations. Horizon has done it all, from the massive Lloyd Webber musical Starlight Express in Londonís West End to CNN to the Ben Franklin Bridge in Philadelphia to the Terminator 3D experience at Universal Studios in Japan.  See what people are saying.

How can we call ourselves pioneers?

We are celebrating our tenth year in PC based lighting control.  We originally controlled dimmers and moving lights with a 486 computer running at a mere 66 MHz under Windows 3.1. Today we enjoy a decade of experience and the evolution of both our software and hardware products. Read a brief history of Horizon.

Does Horizon do it all?

Since we have a large installed base of high-end users, Horizon has evolved over the years to fulfil some of the greatest expectations.  Straight out of the box, Horizon can compete with any theatre based tracking console, but it does way more than that.  Multiple cue lists, unlimited number of simultaneous fades, moving light intelligence, integration with the web, show control and multi-media compliance plus a macro language that puts anything else on the market to shame makes Horizon an extremely versatile yet easy to use product. See the table of features for a full breakdown of Horizonís capabilities.  See a list of projects Horizon has been used on.

How much does it cost?

You will find that since Horizon is based largely upon a consumer driven product Ė the PC Ė it is significantly cheaper than dedicated control consoles currently available in our industry that offer similar functionality. The Horizon product range is also tiered in such a way that you only purchase what you need for the job.  Using the PC as a base, Horizon upgrades its power as you upgrade your computer. Check the table of products and their prices. Buy Now!

What if I donít want to trust Windows to run my show?

If your application is more of a permanent nature, such as architectural or themed environments, you should look at our Playback Controller. It is an industrial, rack-mount unit that has itís own embedded real-time operating system to ensure reliability. As we like to say it Ė there's no Bill Gates in the box.

What product is right for you?

To control lights or operate show control devices you will need both hardware and software.  First choose your hardware device and then select the appropriate software.  If you like you can then select other accessories that work with Horizon.