Marquee steps up to the line in “A Chorus Line”

LDI 2003
Marquee ILC Debuts at LDI
Horizon participates, once again, at LDI training sessions
Horizon Controls Vari*Lite Booth at LDI
Horizon Control Provides First Console to Transmit ACN

Horizon Control Inc. & Entertainment Technology Introduct Marquee 24/48 Console at 2003 USITT in Minneapolis

Vari-Lite/Genlyte Thomas Update Update: Brutsché and Carson Discuss the Deal
(from Lighting Dimensions; contains “When asked about any possible synergies between Vari-Lite and Entertainment Technology, he says that Horizon, ET's PC-based controller, ‘will be adapted to be more friendly to moving lights,’ adding, ‘we will continue on the Windows-based standard rather than the Mac-based Virtuoso.’”

Horizon Control Inc. Announces Strategic Partnership Renewal - LDI 2002 (1 of 2)

Horizon Control Inc. Announces Release of Horizon™ Universal Key - LDI 2002 (2 of 2)