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Entertainment Technology's Marquee™ 24/48 is a powerful, professional lighting control console especially designed for schools and universities, local theaters, churches and any other group that needs a robust yet easy-to-use lighting console. Marquee is powered by Horizon® software, a powerful lighting control software that will meet all demanding specification needs.

Marquee’s easy-to-use graphical user interface gets you start writing cues faster than ever before. Rather than using multiple screens, Marquee displays a wealth of information on a single screen, allowing the user to know what’s going on faster and more accurately than text-based consoles.

Marquee is a true tracking style console, just like the ones that have been used on Broadway for years. Marquee’s interface is clear and concise. The console is extremely powerful, and the flexibility of Marquee is phenomenal. For simple applications, Marquee can act as a standard preset desk with split fader playbacks.

The flexible hardware design of Marquee future-proofs the main components of the console. The Horizon operating system can be easily upgraded or expanded should the channel count increase sharply. Expansion ports on the back of Marquee provide seamless integration with additional fader wings or a function button array.

Designed ACN and RDM ready to keep pace with emerging industry standards, Marquee uses Ethernet to extend its channel count or provide remote output nodes any place the Ethernet in the building takes it. Because Marquee’s software feature set is upgradeable in the field, if you are ever in need of more power, channels or moving lights, you are no more than a click away from supercharging your desk.



Control Features:
- Split up/down fade times
- Split up/down wait times
- Follow time
- Cue loops
- Channel check
- Channel labels
- Preset focuses
- Preset or tracking style operation
- 32-bit fades
- Fade times from 1/100 second to 40 days
- Unlimited submasters
- Pre-programmed dimmer effects wizard
- Moving light patch for 6 moving lights
- Astronomical time clock and time events

Playback Controls:
- 24 channel two-scene operation
- 48 channel single-scene operation
- 125 channel memory operation
- 48 submasters with individual bump buttons and integrated LED
- Integrated TrackPad
- Level wheel
- Configurable grandmaster and blackout button

Display Functions:
- Multiple (2) cue lists support HTP, persistent LTP and
priority operations
- Supports graphic monitor up to 1280 X 1024
- Blind editing
- Printed reports

- 1,024 DMX channels
- 32,768 Channel Ethernet Support
- Two remote trigger inputs
- Free off-line editor available at
- Show file compatible with HorizonTM powered products



- Standard MIDI Events
- MIDI show control
- MIDI time code in/out
- SMPTE time code in/out


Remote Focus Unit
- Wired
- Wireless

Serial Interface Module
- Network to Architectual Button Stations

Slider Wing Panel
- 24 Sliders, bump buttons. LED

Button Wing Panel
- 100 Button/Multi configuration

Software Expansions 1
- Unlimited cue lists
- Unlimited submaster pages
- Unlimited function button pages
- Virtually unlimited control channels2
- Virtually unlimited moving lights3
- Unlimited palettes
- Group order preserved for application of effects and fanning
- Unlimited cue timing
- HTML Active Magic Sheets
- Moving light effects
- Configurable Move In Black
- Macros on submasters
- Chases with advanced timing and playback options
- If/then condition checking for virtually all playback functionality (ie channels, cue lists, masters, function buttons, macros and timed events).
- Synchronized cue lists
- CD, MP3, MPEG control and synchronization

- Architectural button stations
- Supports Pathport, ArtNet and ACN Protocols
- Legacy Horizon DMX Interfaces
- Opto/22 digital I/O
- Telnet sessions
- RS232
- Visual Basic
- Ethernet remote control - 10/100 BASE-T
- Logic macros and programming language for show control
- Tracking backup

1 - Limiting factor for “unlimited” software expansion is host CPU speed
and memory.
2 - Limited to 1,000,000 control channels
3 - Limited to 1,000,000 moving lights with 250 attributes per light



• Unlimited number of simultaneous fades
• Unlimited cues
• Unlimited groups
- Unlimited virtual masters
• Unlimited macros
• Two timed/manual fader pairs
Weight: 32 pounds (14.5 Kg)
Width: 37.5 inches (95.25 cm)
Depth: 17.5 inches (24.45 cm)
Height: 3.25 inches (8.25 cm)
Power Requirements:
100-240 VAC, 47-63 Hz, 1.6A (Max)
External desktop type power supply: 14-20 VDC@4A (Max)
Operating Software:
Dedicated Microsoft® Windows XP Embedded